Shall Not Perish 2016

Shall Not Perish 2016 is a group of people across the US who have committed to a weekly letter writing campaign to US Senators (optional to Reps) with the goal of continuing for 1 year. We want to foster civic engagement in the letter writer while focusing topics so Senators are receiving a batch of linked letters on the same topic in a short time span (1-2 days).

We send an email every Thursday with the week’s topic and some information to get you started writing. For an example, see Example Email. You write the letter and mail a copy to each Senator on Monday. Reward and thank Senators who support progressive causes and alert Senators whose views you disagree with, asking them to reconsider their positions.

Interested in joining the group?
Use this form to join our email list and to access restricted areas of the website.

Featured Issues and talking points can be found in Featured Issues.

Letter Templates and Senator Contact information can be found in Resources.

Letters sent and received by members can be posted in Member Letters (Restricted Access).

All website illustrations by Molly White ©2017

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